Ways to optimise your restaurant efficiency

Ways to optimise your restaurant efficiency

Restaurants in the post lockdown era have to rethink all the logistics in order to follow the safety measures requested by the governments to keep Covid-19 as far away as possible and at the same time keep everyone else safe and at ease.

With our contactless menu offer all venues can benefit from 3 additional features that will help them in this change of structure from an operational point of view.

#1 ACCEPT LOCAL ORDERS - Your customers can order direclty from their phone:

  • Real-time sound notifications
  • Continues Orders
  • Unlimmited options, variants, and extras

    Social distancing gets a thumb up!

    #2 FAST ORDERING – This allows guests to browse and choose while they wait for their table, so that when they sit down they already know what to order.

    #3 FASTER TURN OVER – Thanks to a faster ordering, this will result in a quicker table turnover and in having more occupancy at the restaurant.

    Aware of the struggle we are happy to support restaurants with these new safety measures, so if you are interested and want to take advantage of these great features that come with our contactless menu sign up today HERE

    In the end, as they say… for every cloud there is a silver lining!